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At Lanz Underground Solutions we are ready to serve our customers with small to large scale projects. Whether it’s a homeowner with a simple sewer line fix, to relining an entire school or a high-rise apartment building – we have the team and equipment to handle your job! We have worked in industrial plants, grocery stores, schools, and apartment buildings. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail allows us to work for residential customers all the way to industrial, commercial or municipal organizations. 


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Interior Pipelining and Rehabilitation

What is Pipe Lining, anyway?

Pipe lining, or pipe relining, is a way to restore the function and water flow of a pipe by creating a “pipe within a pipe.” Since it’s the inner wall of the pipe that directly affects water flow, we simply mold the inside of the existing pipes to repair the damage.Lanz Underground Solutions has specialized technicians on staff to line the pipes inside your home or building. Whether it’s a school, restaurant, apartment building, commercial building, industrial building or single-family home Lanz has the pipelining solution for you! We use a variety of liners and epoxy to give us the ability to reline pipes from 2” up to 9” inside the four walls of a building. We can do short liners of just a foot long up to a liner that’s several hundred feet long!At Lanz, we like to start by Descaling and hydro jetting the old pipes to get them clean and ready for lining. Then our certified crews will measure and prepare the liner, use an inversion process to install and then cure it out to give your old pipes new life.What about the connections between pipes? At Lanz, we have a robotic Dancutter and manual Picote reinstatement machine to open up connections that we line thru, so no need to worry about sealing off any connections. We have the tools to reopen them!

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