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At Lanz Underground Solutions we are ready to serve our customers with small to large scale projects. Whether it’s a homeowner with a simple sewer line fix, to relining an entire school or a high-rise apartment building – we have the team and equipment to handle your job! We have worked in industrial plants, grocery stores, schools, and apartment buildings. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail allows us to work for residential customers all the way to industrial, commercial or municipal organizations. 


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Main Sanitary & Storm Sewer Drain Cleaning & Repair

Do you have water backing up in your bathtub when you flush?  Does water back up in the floor drain in your basement when you run water somewhere else in the home?  These are just a few indications that your main sewer line is backed up and needs servicing.  When it comes to main sewer lines the problem is going to be one of three things.  The most common is the sewer line has tree roots that have grown in the joints and caused an obstruction. Another option is something that has been flushed that was not supposed to such as baby wipes, tampons, or cleaning supplies. Lastly, the line could have a structural issue and has a broken spot or area that is not allowing any water or material to pass.
  • Main sewer lines in central Illinois are constructed of PVC, Clay tile, concrete tile, Orangeburg tile, and/or cast iron.  Each style of sewer line has its own benefits and issues.  Plumbing systems begin in the bathroom and collect the drains inside the home to typically connect to a single common sewer line and leave in one 4” – 5”-6” line to the city collection line or septic tank.
  • Having a lifetime of experience in the area, Lanz Drain Cleaning has common knowledge of how areas of town run, typical issues that are found, and the style of piping used so we are ahead of the game before we arrive.

Main Sanitary Sewer Drain Cleaning Accesses

  • Outside cleanouts are always the best option for the homeowner and Lanz Drain Cleaning. Outside cleanouts are a fitting that connects directly to the sewer line in the yard with a riser that exposes the surface for easy and immediate access.  Cleanouts are hopefully installed on a Tee so that our cleaning and camera equipment can navigate both to the downstream side but also under the home to clean and investigate the sewer line under the home as well.  If a clean-out has been installed on a Wye fitting, we will suggest a replacement.
  • Basement sewer cleanouts are a correct method to address a backed-up sewer line.  The lines inside the four walls are typically cast iron, PVC, or copper.  These lines will have a threaded cap fitting as it leaves the property to gain access for drain cleaning and maintenance. When these cleanouts are utilized, the mess of the sewer may occur in the property.  Lanz Drain Cleaning will discuss all steps and concerns before beginning a project, but this mess is just one reason why having an outside clean out access is always preferred.
  • Roof vents can be access areas for the sewer line but are not a good choice for cleaning.  Drain cleaning from roof vents does not allow proper cleaning, risk of damage to property, and is a health and safety concern for the service professionals.  Lanz Drain Cleaning will camera and locate from the roof to identify where the sewer line exits the property to gain safe and proper access for drain cleaning, then have an outside cleanout installed for future issues.
  • Probe locating and hand digging to gain access into the sewer line is a common method for main sewer drain cleaning.  Finding the sewer outside the home or property is typically not a difficult task.  If we find the sewer line 36” or shallower we will attempt to find it and uncover it to complete the main sewer line drain cleaning.  Once the line is open, cleaned, and confirmed no other structural issues or concerns are identified installing outside cleanout access will be the next step.

Storm Water Drain Cleaning and Inspection

  • Rainwater collections systems on residential and commercial buildings have issues of their own.  These systems typically are not installed with the planning and design of sanitary sewer systems.  Storm systems are often installed with basic materials such as corrugated and SDR 35 plastic.  These materials may not stand up to the test of time and fail much easier than expected.  Lanz Drain Cleaning has the experience to identify, clean, and diagnose the system design, and issues that are common.
  • Tree roots are one of the most common issues found and can be much more difficult to remove than a sanitary sewer system.  Once an issue is identified it has typically been an ongoing developing situation for many months or even years the process to improve or repair may be a larger situation than expected.
  • Structural issues are common with the typically installed storm drain material.  If an issue is identified Lanz Drain Cleaning will locate and map the system to offer repairs and solutions with Lanz Underground Solutions
  • Camera inspections and locating are critical to improving storm drain issues and creating long-term solutions.

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