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At Lanz Underground Solutions we are ready to serve our customers with small to large scale projects. Whether it’s a homeowner with a simple sewer line fix, to relining an entire school or a high-rise apartment building – we have the team and equipment to handle your job! We have worked in industrial plants, grocery stores, schools, and apartment buildings. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail allows us to work for residential customers all the way to industrial, commercial or municipal organizations. 


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Lanz Underground Solutions is proud to offer Vactor services to our customers. Lanz has a Vermeer Vactor that uses water and a large vac pump to vacuum dirt and debris for customers. The most common use for this machine is Vactoring out plugged basement window well drains. We can utilize our soft excavation approach to vacuum down and either clean the tile out or attach it correctly to the footing tiles. Lanz can also use this machine to clean out manholes and drainage catch basins.

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